Technical Support

Download updates and get support.

Download updates and get support.


Besides developing software applications, Manusoft can help analyses, asseses and advises while finding a solution concept.

To find promising solutions with a close collaboration and exchange of information.

The power of a solution depends mainly on the time factor: investingThe more time is invested into analysis, planning and testing, the earlier you will enable you to reach your goal earlier without detouring and completely.

Feel free to contact us for an initial conversation where we can discuss matters like effort versus costs, technical feasibility or ROI.

Software Development

Besides off-the-shelf software products Manusoft develops specific and customer tailored software solutions.

This ranges from customizing existing software packages to creating specially tailored new applications.


All Manusoft applications are made for easy functional extension. Therefore, our software can be extended quickly and accurately be extended according to your individual needs.
Customizations can include, among others data export, additional commands, special interfaces or library extension.

Software development

More than 20 years of expertise with the development of add-on applications allow Manusoft to understand your processes and requirements.

A successful development of individually tailored software meeting your needssolutions requires a precisely planned solution strategy. Already during the concept phase, major constraints need to be considered requiring a close cooperation. Consulting, analysis and implementations need to work hand in hand.

After programming and final implementation of the automation solution, we optionally provide training, maintenance or further development to ensure a successful project.


Software Development

Besides off-the-shelf software products Manusoft develops specific and customer tailored software solutions.


During one day or multiple day classes all aspects of our software solutions will be covered. You can choose from on-site classes, in-house training within our training facilities or even online.



Besides the standard training classes, we offer individual workshops for your requirements. This will allow for deep dive discussion into specific areas of the software.

Subscription Services

As a Subscription Services member, your organization receives upgrades and updates, technical support from your Value-Added Reseller (VAR), and access to a wide variety of resources and content.

Software upgrades and enhancements. Get automatic upgrades to the most current versions of IMOLD software, including new releases and service packs. Manusoft is continually improving its software and responds quickly to issues reported by customers. Automatic email notification keeps you on top of important news, service requests, and the latest software updates.

Technical support services. IMOLD Subscription Services provide you with live technical support supplied by your local authorized VAR. Support services include telephone assistance with product features, menu commands, installation issues, and troubleshooting. For a separate fee, your VAR can provide value-added services, such as training, design consulting, planning, and customization.

Enhancement request privileges. Your IMOLD Subscription Services membership entitles you to make enhancement requests, so you can directly influence the future development of IMOLD software. In fact, Subscription Services members initiate over 90 percent of the hundreds of enhancements introduced with each new release of IMOLD software. You can even provide input on the functionality required for your specific use of the product.



Manusoft Technologies Pte Ltd is established in 1997 as a spin-off company of the National University of Singapore (NUS) to develop and market powerful and easy-to-use 3D computer-aided mold design (CAMD) software for the precision tooling industry. Its primary strategy focuses on addressing the design needs of the precision tooling industry with a team of experienced tooling designers to develop, train and support the solutions that the company offers.

As the mainstream (mid-range) CAD/CAM Software like SOLIDWORKS matures, Manusoft Technologies developed its first flagship product – IMOLD for SOLIDWORKS to capitalize on the popularity of this mid-range system. The new product was launched in January 2002 and has since replaced its earlier Unigraphics version. IMOLD for SOLIDWORKS is a SOLIDWORKS Certified Gold Product since its release in 2002.

Being a pioneer in the industry, Manusoft Technologies continuously strive to maintain the competitive edge by leveraging on its market-driven R&D strengths and establishing strategic ties with industry partners.

Manusoft Technologies places great importance in excellent services to its clientele. Its highly trained support team ensures clients’ concerns and feedback are given due support. By keeping the pulse of its clients’ needs and consistently improving the quality of products and support services, Manusoft Technologies is positioned to lead the industry to the next level.

Manusoft Technologies global market includes industries in Germany, UK, Poland, Scandinavia, United States, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, India and South-East Asia. We have in place a comprehensive network of qualified and well trained Value Added Distributors and Resellers delivering unparalleled services that include handling marketing, sales, distribution, training, technical and consultancy support for our clients.

Partner Program

Manusoft Technologies is seeking for dynamic, energetic organizations which possess relevant technical, sales and marketing background within the industry to assist in the worldwide sales and marketing of IMOLD.

Great opportunities are available particularly in Europe, US and, Asia Pacific countries.

Value Added Resellers with good track record in the CAD/CAM industry who are looking to expand their businesses by providing relevant solutions to their clientele in the mold industry, or those who are able to extend IMOLD’s presence beyond their existing clientele, please contact…