The Core & Cavity Builder provides powerful advanced tools for creating cores, cavities and side cores that are associative to the plastic product model. IMOLD uses surfaces extracted from the part to split the core and cavity inserts. A Draft Analysis tool allows the designer to quickly identify potential trouble spots in the part model. The two parting methods – Automatic and Interactive – can help to separate any part quickly and accurately. You can even combine the two for specially complicated parts that cannot be accomplished by either method alone.

Other features include – hole patching utilities that can close holes in the part so that the surface used for splitting is complete, utilities for creating runoff surfaces that will extend beyond the insert boundaries, an intuitive Insert Creator and utilities for copying surfaces to the inserts. The Core/Cavity Builder alone will help reduce your design times to a large extent.

fEATURES/ Function Includes:
  • Draft analysis – determine undercuts and optimal pull direction.
  • Core/Cavity separation – choice of automatic, semi-automatic and manualmethods to split the plastic products, and sidecore extraction.
  • Hole patching – associative or non-associative options.
  • Runoff and shutoff surfaces.
  • Creates sub-inserts and sidecores
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