The Ejector Designer includes a large library of standard ejector pins, sleeves and blades. By automatically being positioned on the ejector plate, the designer just has to concentrate on the placement of the ejectors in the product design. Such is the convenience offered to the users of this module.

Previews also help to verify the size and the position of the ejector so that the designer can make his design “first time right”. Auto-trimming and allowance for offset trimming are easily achieved and pocketing for the ejectors includes fit and clearance dimensions.

fEATURES/ Function Includes:
  • Large selection of vendors to choose from – HASCO, D-M-E, Futaba, Misumi, Punch, Meusburger, LKM, etc.
  • Various pin types – pins, sleeves, blades.
  • Multiple key slots.
  • Automatic placement on ejector plate and length calculation.
  • Trim to profile.
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