The Moldbase Designer has an extensive library of standard moldbases from a wide variety of vendors. In addition to automatically suggesting a moldbase size based on the size of the layout, it creates fully parametric moldbases with all standard components.

Customization of the moldbases can be on either a one-off basis, or, if the same sizes are used consistently, add them to the library. Dynamic previews are displayed during at all times to make selection and modification of moldbases easy.

The standard components (leader pins, bushings, etc) from the moldbase can be edited to other custom or standard sizes.

fEATURES/ Function Includes:
  • Extensive library – HASCO, D-M-E, Meusburger, LKM, Futaba, Punch, etc.
  • Select moldbase size from Property Manager.
  • Adjust – moldbse plate thickness and sizes.
  • Add or remove moldbase plates
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