Use the Component Gallery to effortlessly insert standard components into the mold. Any pockets required to facilitate the component are also automatically inserted into the mold assembly.

Dynamic previews are available to facilitate in the proper insertion of components.

By using the Intelligent Catalogue Menu System, designers can select design parameters and be presented only with those parts or components that meet the design criteria.

Fasten plates / inserts / components together with ease without the need to define counter bores, threads and other related parameters first. Simply place the screws and all the required pockets and holes are developed automatically – with full associativity.

fEATURES/ Function Includes:
  • Vendors: D-M-E, Hasco, Futaba, Meusburger, Rabourdin, Whiter, LKM, Punch, misumi, PCS, Progressive, DMS, etc.
  • Catalog system for component selection.
  • Customizable.
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