Project Control provides tools to create new IMOLD projects and edit existing projects. When starting a new project, you can choose to work in either Millimeters or Inches, define a unique project code and specify the plastic resin and shrinkage factors from a database of the most commonly used plastic parts. Project Control creates all the part and assembly files automatically. In addition, you can replace the automatically created inserts with inserts that are created in other CAD systems. This speeds up the process of setting up for the mold design dramatically. IMOLD handles all the file management for the designer, so that you can concentrate on the design.

By providing options to import plastic product, specify directories, it radically speeds up the management of the job. Plastic product shrinkage for different types of plastic material is supported along with the ability to directly import pre-done core, cavity and side-core parts. Family molds are also supported from this module. You can easily import multiple parts into the project control and the system will immediately recognize that this is a family mold.

fEATURES/ Function Includes:
  • Gateway to IMOLD functions
  • Add shrinkage to plastic parks
  • Import mold inserts
  • Setup mold project specifications.
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